2013 Frederick Taylor University Scholarships

Each year, Frederick Taylor University grants up to 100 scholarships on a first-come-first-serve basis. The $500 scholarship is to be used toward tuition for study in any of the degree programs offered by the University.
To qualify for a scholarship, simply fill out our No-Cost, No-Obligation, Online Application and select “Yes” under the Scholarships section. If you wish to receive additional information please send an email to our Admissions Department at admissions@ftu.edu.
The advancement of technology demands new learning of individuals in every society. In the U.S. today, new technologies create changes in the business environment, generating a need for us to become consumers of new information. Attending university enables us to better utilize this necessary information, helping us to get ahead in the business world and the professional environment.

Serving in various business organizations over the past 30 years has convinced me that traditional types of business education are neither effective nor convenient for those working professionals who do not desire to leave their careers to complete their degrees. Clearly, attending classes after a hard day of work is at the very least an inconvenience for most people. Frederick Taylor University was founded in 1994 in response to the growing need for a solid distance learning educational format in business administration and management.

Our faculty has developed a high quality distance learning program that is professionally relevant to your career and personal life. The program lets you study at home or in your office, and at your own pace while interacting with your professor by phone, fax, mail and electronic mail. Our programs are innovative, flexible and highly practical, providing the business and managerial knowledge that you need to master the rapid changes in your professional organization.

Frederick Taylor University invites you into an educational partnership that will empower you to reach your maximum professional capabilities.



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