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 Aviation Institute of Maintenance schools are distinguished institutes committed to the education and personal enrichment of each student interested in the Aviation Industry. Students can succeed in our collegiate environment when properly motivated and taught to set goals in furthering their education. All aspects of our mechanic school are enriched with creating an atmosphere conducive to learning, while instilling a high degree of business ethics and professionalism. This facilitates the easy transition from a student to a professional career in aircraft maintenance. Each aviation program offered is specifically designed to qualify graduates for a career position in aircraft or related fields.
Through the Aviation Institute of Maintenance FAA-approved programs, you’ll learn about aviation servicing, aircraft maintenance, avionics and repairing today’s aircraft; from small prop airplanes to the largest aircraft. The aviation mechanic field offers a broad range of job opportunities in cities of all sizes throughout the world. 

* Available Aviation Maintenance Programs or Course

Associate of Occupational Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology or Associate of Applied Science degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology is designed to not only provide you with the proper knowledge and skill levels to excel in aircraft maintenance but you will earn a degree. That degree may lead to job advancement in the future. This training provides you with the proper knowledge and skill levels required to pass the A&P license tests administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Program is designed to provide our students with the proper knowledge and skill levels to excel in their chosen career field as an AMT or as a aircraft service technician. This training prepares our students with the knowledge and skill required to pass the the A&P exam administered by the FAA to gain entry level employment in aviation and other maintenance fields as inspectors, installers, parts managers, equipment or service technicians. 

Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer (AMTE) Program prepares students for the airframe and powerplant FAA license exam and additionally the avionics program for FCC licensing exam. 

Airframe Maintenance Technician Program was designed for the person who desired to work with airframes and other similar structures. Task may include performing assembly, repair, rigging and inspections on a variety of control systems. This training can prepare you for entry level employment in aviation maintenance, or in service technician positions throughout the world. 

Powerplant Maintenance Technician was designed for the person who desires to work on engines, turbines or other power generating devices. This training can be your ticket to a successful future in aircraft maintenance or in a variety of service technician positions throughout the world. 

Avionics Technician Program provides the student with the knowledge and training necessary to maintain, test, repair, and replace electronic systems and subsystems on an aircraft. 

Human Factors in Aviation Course provides an in-depth look at factors that affect safety and productivity in the workplace. Training is given with the emphasis on real-life incidents and accidents as a result of human error related to the aircraft maintenance. Human Factors is offered as a “stand alone” program through our online division. 

* Programs & courses may not be available at all campus

Maintenance classes tailored for students.Our aircraft mechanic classes are tailored with students in mind. With years of experience at different locations our curriculum has been customized to help the student gain maintenance skills that are Aviation industry specific. We consult with airline, industry and aviation related leaders so that our programs match aircraft maintenance skills & technology that employers demand. 
Aviation Maintenance Programs of ExcellenceWhether your goal is to work on airplanes, helicopters, engines, avionics or even hydraulic systems unrelated to aviation, our school will give you the training needed for entry-level positions in aviation and other industries. Our aircraft mechanic school will help you decide what program is right for and we will give you the skills needed to prepare for the FAA Airframe & Powerplant exam. Contact us today about your career. 
  Duluth School – Georgia
  Dallas School Texas
  Indianapolis School Indiana
  Kansas City School Missouri
  Philadelphia School Pennsylvania
  Chesapeake School (near Virginia Beach) Virginia
  Manassas School (near Washington D.C.) Virginia
  Orlando School Florida
  Houston School Texas
  Human Factors Online Education
  International Student Request
  Aviation Maintenance Management Degree Online

Oakland Campus
* Note: as a new addition, this campus has not yet received ACCSC accreditation or FAA Approval. For further information please contact our school

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operates in Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, Orlando and Virginia.


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