Frequently Asked Questions about Squaw Valley Academy

College-Preparatory International Boarding School
Are you accredited?

Yes, Squaw Valley Academy is an accredited private middle and high school at Lake Tahoe. The Academy is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the accrediting body of all California and other Pacific schools.

How high is college acceptance?
All Squaw Valley Academy students are college-bound, and we maintain a 100% college acceptance rate, with each student averaging acceptance to three colleges or universities.

Can a student enroll for part of the year?
Yes, we have rolling enrollment and accept students during most days of the school year. Students may receive personal tutoring from SVA teachers.
What types of weekend activities are offered at SVA?
Every weekend, students and staff participate in a variety of outings. These outings include movies in town, a local rock climbing wall, skiing and snowboarding, and afternoon outdoor activities such as mountain biking and hiking.

Can a student visit home on weekends?
Yes, during open weekends, if the student follows school rules and schoolwork is complete.

Are students required to participate in sports competitively at the Academy?
No, we are not a ski academy. Our main goal is college acceptance, and most students are recreational skiers and snow boarders. Those who choose to ski or ride competitively have the option to join the Squaw Valley USA or Alpine Meadows Ski and Snowboard Teams.

Our son or daughter is a determined ski racer, freestyle competitor or serious snowboard rider. What can we do to maximize his or her training time?

Squaw Valley Academy has previously accepted determined competitors, who have joined the local Squaw Valley USA and Alpine Meadows training teams. The Academy is willing to accommodate such serious training and competition.

During the winter season, may a student ski and ride every day?

Students who follow school rules and complete schoolwork have the privilege to be on the mountain per current school policy.

What other sports do you offer at the Academy?
In the fall, we offer a co-educational soccer team. When there is sufficient interest, students participate in golf, tennis, swimming, skateboarding, and other sports.

How do students travel to Squaw Valley USA and other activities?
SVA has private vans for school-sponsored trips. Students also ride free shuttles offered by the Resort at Squaw Creek.

How can I contact my child or the staff at the Academy during the school year?
We provide each parent with a list of appropriate contact numbers, and our on-duty staff and administrators have cell phones and land lines. Each dorm has payphones available for students to contact their family and friends. Students also use email and personal cell phones to communicate with their families.

Are there private rooms available for students?
Yes, occasionally we have extra space to accommodate such a request. Please inquire upon enrollment for availability and an extra boarding fee.

Are students allowed to stay at the Academy during school breaks?
No, the Academy campus will be closed at these times.

Is there a uniform dress code?
Yes, SVA polo shirts, sweatshirts, and fleeces; dark blue or khaki tan pants or knee-length skirts; and a belt are required during the school day. On “dress-up” days, students wear a blue Oxford shirt with the school tie and optional jacket. No hats or headgear can be worn in the school buildings.

May boarding students have a car on campus?
No. The Academy provides a structured environment for academic excellence. Each weekend, we provide opportunities for students to participate in fun activities. The Reno Tahoe International Airport is approximately 45 miles, and the Truckee, CA Amtrak and Greyhound stations are less than ten miles.

Where does one buy daily supplies?
Limited supplies are available in the valley. There is a 7-Eleven convenience store that is a short walk from the school, and we offer regular trips to nearby Tahoe City and Truckee in school vans.

Do you accommodate special diets?
We offer a vegetarian entree at nearly every meal.

Where can a student do laundry?
Students are responsible for their own laundry service; there are 2 washers and 2 dryers in each dormitory building.

Still have questions?
Please contact the school.

Squaw Valley Academy
P.O. Box 2667
Admissions Director
(530) 583-9393
235 Squaw Valley Road
Fax: (530) 581-1111
Olympic Valley, CA 96146
We challenge with rigorous academics, we support with consistent behavioral standards, we train in life-long sports, we provide outdoor adventures, and we foster self-esteem through real accomplishment.


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