The Autism Trust’s Goal and ObjectivesWe recognise the immense gap that exists between the demand for and current availability of existing residential and professional support options once children with autism leave supported education in the UK.

Our goal as The Autism Trust is to provide this through the development of a network of consistently outstanding and innovative outreach centres for autism. We consider it essential that each of these Centres of Excellence not only provides help and support to individuals with autism but also to their families and those involved with their care, support, ongoing education and development.

Each Autism Trust facility will reflect the local environment and other charitable initiatives in the area, but our objective is to offer the following resources either directly or through local, approved partners:

* A Wellness Centre, our unique outpatient resource for all people with autism of all ages where in–house experts including nutritionists and therapists will practice alongside behavioural, educational and developmental experts to help support not only our residents but any member of the autism community who selects to utilise our services and facilities. We will seek out the best established clinic in each location … but where these do not exist we will develop and fund it ourselves.
* A Training Centre providing training, consulting facilities and services accessible to everyone working in the field of autism that needs to increase their understanding with the most effective ways to treat and support those with the diagnosis.
* A Conference Centre in which conferences, seminars and workshops will be run to provide education, information and open programmes covering all aspects of autism – from developmental to biomedical to behavioural.
* A Business Centre in which people with autism with the desire to run their own businesses; support other companies in graphic and specialist design; testing software and games; developing IT solutions and many other activities.

Personal Development Programmes will provide tailored educational and leisure activities to support and further long term development, life skills and society integration to meet the needs of each individual.

* Vocational Opportunities for both residents and non-residents will be created ranging from organic and eco-friendly agricultural and horticultural work through to the technology and design enabled work within the Business Centre. Of prime importance is the focus of each Autism Trust facility in achieving renown in undertaking activities that are distinctive for each location – for example rare breed management, agricultural excellence and growing specialist produce.
* Residential Accommodation which will be a haven for those in immediate need through to the provision of lifelong homes for adults with autism in an accessible, open, supported care environment.
* Retail Facilities open to the public including a superb café / restaurant and an inspiring Autism Trust shop selling products from the local centre and other Autism Trust centres. This will be operated and run by people with autism.
* Finally, Economic, Social and Environmental Development for the region where jobs will be created during both the construction phase and the subsequent long-term operation of each centre.


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