Student Loan Relief Center

  How Student Loan Consolidation Works

Step 1:  The first step in consolidating your student loans is applying for consolidation with SLRC.

Step 2: We will locate your student loan information. As a result of recent changes at the Department of Education, you’ll need to provide your student loan information with your consolidation application. There are several ways that you can locate your student loans and the easiest is to contact the Borrower Tracking office of the Department of Education.

Step 3: Sign and mail. Once you have reviewed the promissory note, and understand the terms, you will sign and return the application by sending the originals back to us via mail for our review.
Step 4: Application processing After your application is submitted for processing, the “loan retrieval” begins. The consolidating lender will contact your lenders for the exact amount you owe; this information is sent to them on a loan verification certificate, or LVC. This process can take up to 60 days depending on the response time from your lender(s).

Once the check is sent to your lender(s), your loans have officially been consolidated. You will receive a new statement from your consolidation lender detailing when your first payment is due, and when each payment is due thereafter.
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