Test Drive College Online is Like a Scholarship

When people are first introduced to the Test Drive College Online program, one of the first questions they ask is, “Is TDCO a scholarship?” The technical answer is no, but we can save you thousands in tuition. Read on for more information about the similarities and differences between the TDCO opportunity and scholarship programs.

Also, please note that participation in the TDCO program does not exclude you from applying for other scholarship opportunities when you enroll in a degree program.

How Test Drive College Online is Like a Scholarship
Although Test Drive College Online is not technically a scholarship, there are a couple of ways that our program is very similar to a scholarship. For instance:

Scholarships have eligibility criteria. Test Drive College Online may not ask you to send in an essay, but we do require all applicants to take an assessment exam. Those who show a certain level of academic competency are awarded the opportunity to take one of our courses.
Scholarships save you money. As you probably know, scholarships are awards of specific amounts that you can apply to your tuition. Depending on the scholarship, this allows you to save $500, $1000, $2000, or whatever the amount of the award. Test Drive College Online also saves you money in tuition costs because you get your first course free. So when you transfer the credits you earn in a TDCO course to a degree program, you are saving a substantial sum – up to $2000 to be exact!

How Test Drive College Online is NOT Like a Scholarship
There are also a couple ways TDCO is not like a scholarship. Ways that actually work to your advantage. For example:

Many scholarships are extremely selective because there are only a few awards for hundreds of applicants. TDCO does not have the same limitations. A little less than half of those who take the assessment exam pass it and are eligible to take one of our free courses.
TDCO does not ask that you jump through a bunch of hoops. Because scholarships are so selective, their application processes can be complicated and can take a lot of time gathering transcripts, recommendation letters, IRS statements, etc. To qualify for a free course, we only ask that people pass our test and interview with one of our advisors.

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